Friendly, No-fuss Life-Coaching for Seekers, Entrepreneurs, & Retirement Rebels…

       who are free-spirited, but could use some accountability.           You’re in the right place! Welcome!


Friendly, No-fuss Life-Coaching for Seekers, Entrepreneurs, & Retirement Rebels…

who are free-spirited, but could use some accountability. You’re in the right place! Welcome!

Life-Coach, Certified NLP, Time-line Therapy, & Hypnosis Master Practitioner & Trainer, author of 7 Self-Help books—living and working in San Miguel de Allende in the central Highlands of Mexico.

30 years experience working in England, Europe, the States, and now Mexico

Worked as realtor in the UK, plus business & sales trainer in High Tech companies across Europe

Set up 4 successful training/coaching practices

Combines competitive business background experience with life long interest in all things esoteric.

Hippie-at-Heart meets results oriented Businesswoman!

Helping you get your career & life to work —using Life-Coaching techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-line Therapy, and extensive experience in sales & business training.

Here’s what’s on offer:

1-hour coaching sessions with Margaret Nash, online or personally in San Miguel de Allende

Accountability Coaching Package with 30-day challenge for specific goals

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Self-Help Shortcuts to Success for those interested in Intentional Living

With a passion for self improvement, personal development, and walking your talk

And involving continuous seeking, learning, working on yourself.

These articles and tips are designed to give you shortcuts and easy-to-use processes to help you in life and in your work.

                 “Margaret takes things that are going on in her life,                                                      turns them into lessons,                                                                      and adds humor and relatablity.” 

                    Derek Doepker – Best-selling Author, Speaker, & Consultant

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