Accountability Coaching—for the Rebellious Entrepreneur

What is it?

Professional, affordable, first class Life-Coaching that will get you results while you watch your productivity soar! Strategies, goal setting, processes that work. Clarify your niche and create a plan.

Who is it for?

Are you a creative type, coach, healer, therapist, semi-retired who isn’t ready to hang up your spurs, service professional, freelancer, or someone looking to start up a new line of work? In other words, a Rebellious Entrepreneur?

Hey, just because you’re independent, and don’t like being told what to do, doesn’t mean you can’t make money and succeed with your career!

Why would you need it?

The downside of working for yourself and being a little rebellious and non-conformist is that you can get overwhelmed—frustrated at your slow rate of progress, or with your tendency to procrastinate, plus feelings of isolation that can lead to too much time on the internet, and not enough focus on your goals. But there’s nobody to make you do it!

Face it; you may be creative, but you still need to eat. You just need to be Accountable to someone other than your dog or cat.

(Your dog will love sharing the burden of keeping you happy. The cat won’t care.)

Welcome to Accountability Coaching for people just like you!

It’s so incredibly rewarding to be able to brainstorm creative ideas with a fellow professional (your coach), find your niche, formulate goals and work strategies, and have that coach hold your feet to the fire on your commitments. As gently (or not) as you need.

It may be just what you’ve been looking for to finally get your career moving.

Accountability—the secret of all successful entrepreneurs and self-starters.

Even rebellious ones.

Life-Coach, Author of 5 Self-Help Books, Certified NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Hippie-at-Heart—living in San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico.

30 years’ experience in England, the States and now Mexico, working for herself and setting up 4 successful service practices.

A bunch of contrasts:

Hippie-at-Heart meets Savvy Businesswoman

Free Spirited Mystic meets Pragmatic Skeptic

Couch Loving Internet Addict meets High Achiever Results Oriented Coach

Can you relate?


Helping you get your life to work —using techniques from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Time-line Therapy, Stoicism, Vedanta.

Here’s what’s on offer:

One-to-one coaching in San Miguel. Sessions 1 hour

Online coaching—first session 1 hour, subsequent sessions 40 mins. 

Hypnotherapy sessions available only in person in San Miguel. 

Click below for prices and more info.

Easy to use, powerful, effective personal development hacks— that will increase your productivity, help you maintain your cool at all times, and break through those barriers preventing your success.

“Margaret takes things that are going on in her life, turns them into lessons, and adds humor and relatablity.”  (Derek Doepker—best selling author, speaker, and consultant.)

Rebellious Aging for the Hippie at Heart

Are you finding aging to be more challenging than you expected?

Really, nothing can prepare you for that moment’: you catch sight of yourself in a shop window and don’t recognize who it is, you go on Skype for the first time and jump in horror (it’s the camera, I promise), or you realize you prefer an evening in with the cat and Netflix rather than a night out on the town — you know, that moment. You realize things have changed….and life is different.

Do you remember the exact time and place?

When that moment comes, you may shrug your shoulders and roll with the punches, or go into shock and panic.

Book that facelift, write that bucket list, where the heck is the Zanax?

As Confucius once said, “Aging ain’t for sissies!” (It may have been Einstein, or the Dalai Lama…?)

And maybe just now, you’re on the couch where you’ve been a little too long, wasting time checking email, and clicking onto Facebook for the umpteenth time…

You really do want to move, get up, do something exciting with your life…but….what is stopping you? 

Whether it’s facing issues around transitions such as retirement, relocation or divorce, finding your purpose or fighting procrastination, let’s face it, you just want to get your life to work!

Here you will find blogs, books, workshops, and personal coaching to help you make it through the night. I can help you develop a philosophy that will enable you to roll with the punches and laugh while you’re rolling.

I hope it will inspire and encourage you to be fearless and fabulousThat’s what Rebellious Aging is all about. The best is yet to come!

It’s yours for the taking. And as Gandhi once said “because you’re worth it!”

(Wait, was that L’Oreal?)

I invite you to peruse and enjoy…..

My life coaching experience with Margaret has not only helped me to achieve my goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and what those goals really are! She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures all within a relaxed conversation. 

Donna T., San Miguel de Allende

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