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Rebellious Aging for the Hippie at Heart

Are you finding aging to be more challenging than you expected?

Really, nothing can prepare you for ‘that moment’: you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize who it is, or you go on Skype for the first time and jump in horror (it’s the camera, I promise), or you realize you prefer an evening in with the cat and Netflix rather than a night out on the town — you know, that moment.

Are you with me?

It’s different for everyone. Intimations of Mortality (to riff on Wordsworth), no escape from the fact that time is limited.

When that moment comes, things can change. Some shrug their shoulders and roll with the punches; others go into shock or depression; some write their bucket lists and jump out of airplanes. Book that facelift, where’s the Zanax?

And those major life changes and transitions that are coming thick and fast, all at once—retirement, relocation, divorce, empty nest, financial issues—can throw you off your game and leave you with a sense of urgency that you must find your life purpose—now.

As Confucius once said, “Aging ain’t for sissies!” (It may have been Einstein, or the Dalai Lama…)

And maybe just now, you’re on the couch where you’ve been a little too long, checking email (yet again), clicking onto Facebook for the umpteenth time (there’s always something new), and browsing through online news which just upsets you…

You really do want to move, get up, do something useful…but….what is stopping you?

Good news! Help is at hand!

Deep breath. You don’t want drugs and you don’t need therapy.

You just want to change gears, develop a new philosophy of life, a new point of view, that will help you handle this time of your life. An attitude, a clarity about who you are and what you are all about.

Perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration on how to spend your time. And you may be struggling against a rising panic about finding your purpose vs wanting to slow down and relax a bit. 

Most of all, you just want your life to work!

And you’re determined to age well—gorgeous, healthy, energetic, fabulous — admired and envied by one and all for how well you are handling growing older. Yes indeed! You can have this!

Especially relevant, you want this to be the best time of your life. As it should be and as it can be.

Doing it your way.

If this rings a bell, this website could be for you. Ignore those email and Facebook alerts for a moment and have a look…

It’s yours for the taking. And as Gandhi once said —“because you’re worth it!”

(Wait, was that L’Oreal?)

“Feed with fury,


Burn your life famously!

Then run like the wind

For the hills of Elysium.

Too often

We choose instead

To become lulled,

To forget life shrinks or expands

In relation to courage shown…”

(Scott Hastie) 

You will find new ways to:

  • Take a cattle prod to your stuckness and get productive again
  • Find something you really enjoy doing—open that dog rescue center, get that online business up and running, finally sign up for that charity you feel passionate about—something purposeful
  • Get your internet/Netflix/TV addiction under control
  • Age with attitude, find your niche… and get motoring!

“The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice: it’s conformity.”

(Jim Hightower)

So I invite you to join me now at this great and challenging time of life!

Take a look at my Blog, Self-Help books, Life-Coaching, and Motivational Workshops.

I can help you develop a philosophy that will enable you to roll with the punches and laugh while you’re rolling.

I hope it all will inspire and encourage you to be fearless and fabulous. That’s what Rebellious Aging is all about.

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Click here for instant download. It’s fun, might make you think, and is only 5 pages long! It may even save that friendship…

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