Margaret Nash—life-coach, writer, workshop leader, dog lover…

Look, I know I’m supposed to always focus on you, the reader, even in the about me section, but hello, is that fair? This bit is about moi. So here goes…. 

Margaret Nash Coach
I live and work in San Miguel de Allende—an alternative, slightly crazy, artistic haven in the central mountains of Mexico—alive with bougainvillea, tacos, donkeys, sombreros, and year round sunshine.

I come from Alabama, where I grew up in the 1960s; a preacher’s kid, certified rebellious hippie/seeker complete with bell-bottoms, tie-dye, and a stubborn determination to do everything my way.

After college I married an Englishman and lived for several decades in Britain, before moving to Mexico—with a Mexican husband second time around.

A Southern Gal—go figure.

One of my favorite quotes is—

“The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice: it’s conformity.” (Jim Hightower)

Along the way I lost my way…


…with too many transitions, too many major life changes happening all at once.


After umpteen trainings and workshops in California among the Redwoods—(somebody’s got to do it), a zillion personal development books, a permanent weight-loss trip to Tibet (the food is inedible), and certifications in lots of fun stuff like NLP, EFT, and Shamanism 101, life finally started to get back on track.


Eventually I hired my very own Life-Coach.


And that’s when I got unstuck, put my life in gear and motored off into the sunset in my hippie van (metaphorically speaking!).


Now I’m having a great time working from home where I play with my dogs while pretending to type, working one-to-one with great coaching clients, indulging in lots of travel, enjoying a nice relaxed social life and plenty of enchiladas.


Ok, too much time spent on the sofa arguing politics with people I don’t know on Facebook, but otherwise pretty congruent and productive.


I’m a huge fan of Life-Coaching 


I know it works. Life-Coaching is for sane, self-aware, personal development types. Is that you? You don’t need therapy and you don’t want drugs….well, not legal ones anyway.


You need to talk things out. Get your thinking straight while someone listens and gives feedback. Clarity. A life-coach is a sounding board and an engaged brain.


Training, qualifications, a plethora of certificates…and other boring stuff


Along the winding way I spent a small fortune training and qualifying as a


  • Master Practitioner, Trainer & Life-Coach in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master Practitioner & Trainer in Time-line Therapy—a weird and wonderful technique for letting go of negative stuff…. from guess where? California.


I have  over 17 years’ experience working in England, the States, and now Mexico as a trainer, hypnotherapist, and life coach.


I’ve written 4 books on personal development and self-help themes.


I have a slew of other diplomas in things that don’t work especially well, but hey, the workshops were fun and held in exotic locations. You can see the certificates all over my office wall to give you confidence. (I’m a great fan of exotic locations).


Why use me? Indeed….


I combine my practical, business, results oriented background with processes and amazingly wonderful fabulous magical ideas that you won’t have tried before. I bet.


I gleaned a lot of experience from my 10 years in Europe as a sales and management trainer for high tech international companies, delivering training and consultancy to a demanding bunch of wonks. I like things that work.


I help you get results. I don’t waste your time. Or money.

I get totally stoked making all this new age whack-a–doodle actually improve your life… and help you be happy, congruent, on purpose, and living in the magic.


It’s my obsession, what gets me out of bed in the morning. (I


lie, it’s actually my hungry dogs). What’s yours? Let’s find it.


Rebellious Aging—the best is yet to come!



Ready to join me? Let’s get going!




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