How to Rescue Your Career When It’s Stuck in the Doldrums

Ahoy! Adventurers, Pirates, Free-Lancers, and other Self-Employed Renegades!

Are you an entrepreneur who is bored, frustrated, and your bank account is reflecting your woes? Clients are drying up. Sales are down. You’re stuck in the doldrums.As a result you’re wondering if you should just give up and call it a day? Get a job?

Not just yet! Your career rescue is on the way!

What if you had a reliable formula that would quickly get you back on course, earning money, engaged, feeling prosperous? Running a tight ship?

The simple 3-step formula is right here, in this insanely practical little book. You can transform your floundering career into smooth sailing overnight.

Join me as I share my simple process for overcoming the blahs that can undermine any self-starter:

  • Learn how to deal with the 3 Career Saboteurs—Archetypes that can sink your confidence and motivation
  • Resurrect your Superpowersyour keys to success, that are lolling at this moment below deck with Social Media
  • Find out Charles Darwin’s #1 survival trait of all species, and apply it to your work
  • Find the path to obsessively enjoying your work with a world famous technique for happiness
  • Enjoy a Bonus eBook on identifying and working with your Archetypes.

Are you ready to get productive and profitable? To start seeing the results you crave? To be back in the game once again?

Check out what others are saying:

  • “I read this book in one sitting.
    It’s short, to the point, and easy to read. I read it quickly, including answering the questions at the end of each chapter. I discovered some things about myself and the way I operate that I hadn’t seen before and this has helped motivate me to make some needed changes. I recommend keeping this book around as a reference when you’re feeling out of ideas.”
  • “Great read! I look at aging as a privilege, I am still alive and change is inevitable. So with a bit of introspection, I am able to flow with the changes and invent new ways of re-charging my creativity. This book has been very helpful in reminding me what works for me and what works against me … very important to identify!”
  • “This book is fun! It really gives you a very simple rundown of how to get your life and work back on track when you’ve hit an obstacle that stops you dead. I like that it’s only 3 steps, simple, easy to read and follow. And each chapter gives you some homework to get you going.”
  • ”Margaret Nash imparts wonderful techniques throughout this book. When you actually use them you will find yourself back on track with clear direction and motivation. Her style is light and refreshing while coaching you to new action. This book is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs. Learn to ask the right questions that will make a huge difference in your career trajectory.”

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