Margaret Nash – life coach, author, workshop leader…

Hippie-at-heart turned nerdy Librarian turned UK Estate Agent (Realtor) top salesperson, turned Sales and Business Trainer across Europe and the UK, turned Recruitment Consultant, turned NLP Training Certifier, turned Hypnotherapist, turned Life Coach/Author of 5 Self-Help books/intrepid traveler living in Mexico/owner of 2 scrappy small dogs.

If you’re still with me I live and work in San Miguel de Allende—an alternative, slightly crazy, artistic haven in the central mountains of Mexico—alive with bougainvillea, tacos, and year round sunshine.

I come from Alabama, where I grew up in the 1960s; a preacher’s kid who embraced all things hippie/rebellious/counter culture. Go figure.

I always had a bookish side, and in line with this I gained a BA in Religion and Philosophy in Atlanta, and a Post-Grad Diploma in Library Information Science from London Polytechnic. Sheesh.

After college I moved to England where I lived for several decades, before eventually moving to Mexico, where I have lived for 12 years.

And this is interesting to you because….(Come on, I know you’re wondering)

Hippie-at-heart meets Savvy Business Woman.

During my stint in the UK I worked as a realtor (estate agent in England), became number 1 salesperson in my area my first year, worked in recruitment, sales and management training and consultancy for high tech companies all over Europe, and morphed into an NLP coach and hypnotherapist.

I’ve been working on my own (with various business partners) since 1989 and have set up 4 business/private practices from start-up since then. All have been successful—some in profit within 6 months.

I did all my own marketing, sales, and PR, and especially love discovering niches, identifying unique selling points, positioning oneself in the market and finding that professional identity, that sweet spot, that makes your business flow.

And then you make money. I like that.

Along the way

In line with my alternative side I attended trainings and workshops in London and California among the Redwoods—somebody’s got to do it— and obtained certifications in lots of fun stuff like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Hypnotherapy, Time-Line Therapy, Reiki, and even Shamanism 101.

I got waylaid in the early 2000’s from too many life changes all at once —divorce, moving to Houston, kids leaving home, financial issues, and even weight gain! I lost my bearings for a bit, and became unsettled, couldn’t find my footing.

Eventually I hired my very own life-coach.

He helped me pull my life back together, get off the couch and motoring again. And I lost the weight.

Since then I’ve written 5 life coaching books, write a regular blog, lead workshops and seminars, and run a life-coaching practice, both here in San Miguel and online.

I play with my dogs while pretending to type, indulge in lots of travel, enjoy a nice relaxed social life and too many enchiladas.

It’s all on my terms. That’s the way to roll.

I’m a huge fan of coaching. I currently have 3 coaches who help me with various aspects of my life—business, health, and diet—and would get very little done without them.

They keep me honest, on target, and my eye on my goals, and not just netflix.

Accountability Coaching is the way

I know it works. Accountability Coaching is for sane, self-aware, non-conformist types who work for themselves—in any capacity.  Is that you? You don’t want a therapist…

You want to talk things out, brainstorm new ideas, and be challenged by a fellow professional who can coach you, help you create your vision, find your niche, your position in the market. Someone who will help you find success and financial security.

It’s really hard to do it alone.

All successful people have mentors and coaches who keep them on the straight and narrow and focused on their goals.

You can hit your targets, be profitable in your chosen sector of the market, and have a great time while you’re doing it.

Doing it your way, with your values, playing to your strengths. That’s the whole point of working for yourself isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Are you going to be staring down at the same goals a year from now, scratching your head and wondering where the year went?

Training, qualifications, a plethora of certificates…and other stuff

I have  over 20 years’ experience working in England, the States, and now Mexico as a seminar leader, hypnotherapist, and life coach.

Along the winding road I spent a small fortune training and qualifying in London and California as a

  • Master Practitioner, Trainer & Life-Coach in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Master Practitioner & Trainer in Time-line Therapy—a weird and wonderful technique for letting go of negative stuff…. from guess where? California.

I combine my practical, business, results oriented background with processes and amazingly wonderful fabulous techniques and ideas that you won’t have tried before. I bet.

I gleaned a ton of experience and business knowledge from my 10 years in Europe as a sales and management trainer for high tech international companies, delivering training and consultancy to a demanding bunch of wonks.

I like things that work. Here are some of my influences.

Kaizen, a Japanese productivity tool

NLP, which is not interested in theory but only what works

Stoicism, which focuses only on what you can control

Vedanta, the ‘practical spirituality’ side of Hindu philosophy

Eckhart Tolle, a modern personal development take on Buddhism

Michael Singer, Tony Robbins, among others (I did the Fire Walk back in the 90s)  

and more recent younger Youtube stars such as Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Derek Doepker (my coach).

It’s a heady, potent brew.

I help you get results. I will hold you to your goals in the way you want to be held accountable. I’m self-employed too, so I know how independent, stubborn, creative, and a bit bratty we entrepreneur types can be. Hey, I’m willing to bet….

  • You probably don’t have a boss anymore and so you have to keep yourself motivated. I know how hard that is.
  • You can feel isolated sometimes and feel a craving to connect with like-minded professionals. I know. Been there.
  • You can waste days, months, years without achieving some goals. I’ve got goals listed from 15 years ago I still haven’t reached. I’ll show you what to do with those.
  • Productivity, focus, staying on message, and professional isolation can be the biggest issues. Oh, and making enough to pay the rent. Did I mention that? I know how to get that to work.

I get totally stoked making all this actually improve your life… and help you be happy, congruent, aligned, on purpose, and successful.

It’s my obsession, what gets me out of bed in the morning.

(I lie; it’s actually my hungry dogs.) What’s yours? Let’s find it.

Ready to join me? I’d love to hear from you!

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