Follow the Trail of Your Spirit

Follow the Trail of Your Spirit is a fast-paced, easy-to-read, down-to-earth life-coaching guide to finding purpose, meaningful activity, and your perfect career.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find productive, satisfying, and fulfilling things to do, whether at work or simply hanging out at home, by just answering 10 questions?

You can! Just by reading this book! No more feeling frustrated, disappointed in yourself, or suffering that nagging sense you are missing out on something big. You can start enjoying life with the first chapter.

Readers have reported feeling more focused, mindful, and motivated, and love the humor, fresh ideas, and use of personal stories in the book. Also the section on Archetypes and how they can help you find your purpose is cited as intriguing and useful.

Margaret Nash has been a successful Life Coach, Business Trainer, and NLP Seminar Leader for over 20 years and is the author of 5 coaching books in her Hippie-at-Heart Self-Help Series—all available on Amazon.

She will take you on her personal journey from Alabama to England to Mexico searching for meaning, purpose, and her professional identity. She will share with you her discoveries along the way as well as real life stories from her many clients.

She found out

  • Why ‘follow your passion’ could be the worst advice ever
  • The only 10 life coaching questions you’ll ever need to discover exactly what you’re looking for
  • How your worst mistakes and failures are a goldmine you can transform into your greatest success
  • There’s always room for you, and what you have to offer counts to someone. Find your place in the world. You count.

Follow the Trail of Your Spirit is served up with a touch of mysticism, a dash of inspiration, and a taste of shamanism.

You will never need another book on life purpose!

Buy it now – in Kindle or paperback versions.