NB there are currently no hypnotherapy sessions on offer due to Covid restrictions. This page is for information only.

Hypnotherapy—what’s not to like?

Imagine; you’re lying back in a comfortable chair while some soft music is being played; you snuggle up in a blanket, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of someone’s voice helping you let go of your stress. Sounds nice? It is!

Hypnotherapy is one of the most refreshing and mentally relaxing experiences you may ever have. Seriously. You do nothing, while someone else gently coaxes your subconscious mind to get onboard with changes you want to make in your life.

Maybe you are one of those people who is really wary of hypnosis and it seems a little scary to you?

Let me guess. You’ve heard warnings that it’s about handing over control to someone else. It’s not.

Or maybe you’ve read that hypnotists can make you do weird things that are against your values. They can’t.

You are always completely in control and running the show. If you do weird things it’s because you are a willing participant!

Plus, it’s easy and effortless, totally safe, and free of druggy side effects.

But it is a trip nevertheless.

How I can help you

I am a certified hypnotist with over 17 years experience in England, the States, and now in Mexico, which means you are in safe hands with me—and I can help get things to shift for you. I’m experienced and qualified and use effective methods to help you make those changes in your life you have been impatient to make.

I qualified in California with Tad James and Christopher Wayne Morrison, and in London with Ian McDermott and John Seymour. I am a Certified Master Hypnotist.

I have done the Fire Walk (yes, I walked barefoot on hot coals!) with Tony Robbins in Belgium, and trained with the highly respected Robert Dilts in London.

I am also certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy with David Quigley in Northern California and his Alchemical Hypnosis method. I am a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-line Therapy, and Hypnosis.

I invite you to come see me here in sunny San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

What does hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnosis can be effective for a variety of issues such as changing bad habits, getting in touch with your muse, letting go of past, outdated negative emotions, and helping you push through your self-imposed limitations.

In my experience every ‘problem’ is a sign of one thing: you are acting and thinking out of alignment with your core values and need to reconnect with your true self.

My special area is working with you to change your set limits. Similar to a thermostat that has been programmed for a certain temperature, we have our set limits for almost everything in our lives, from our weight to how much money we believe we can make. We sometimes call this our comfort zone.

I help you uncover your set limits that are causing you problems… and we reset them. In trance.

Problems, not reaching our potential, feelings of unworthiness can shut us down and get us stuck. And we become comfortable in our discomfort.

Hypnotherapy can bump you out of that comfort zone and motoring again.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is simply a deep state of relaxation which enables you to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, spirit guide, true self, and get in touch with your inner guidance.

When we are relaxed, miracles can occur. When we are stressed, nothing good can develop.

In trance, you are always aware of what is going on and although sometimes you feel you have fallen asleep, you can wake up at any time.

You just don’t want to…

It has no side effects whatsoever—other than a blissful state of not wanting to move. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to make you do something against your will while you are in trance. Nobody can make you rob a bank or cluck like a chicken.

Unless you want to…

Work with me! It’s a drug-free trip!

A Magic Carpet Ride with the White Rabbit on board!

Well, at the least very relaxing.

Certain issues lend themselves well to Hypnotherapy. Please let me know if this appeals to you or you feel it might help you. I can work with you on issues like letting go of negative emotions, stimulating your creativity, and changing bad habits into good habits.

On request:

I will work with you on Past Life Regression to help you discover why you keep repeating certain behaviors or patterns in relationships. Does the same person, in difference guise, keep showing up in your life? Let’s find out why.

Also on request we can:

Ask your Guides to help you find your life purpose, or what the best thing for you to do right now. Guides can also help with decision making and can stimulate your creativity.

There are currently no hypnotherapy sessions being offered, due to Covid restrictions

This is how it works

• One-to-one sessions with Margaret Nash in San Miguel de Allende

• Session 1 hour 

• Sessions 1,000 pesos or 1,700 for 2 sessions. Pay in cash at the session or via PayPal.

• Appointment and payment arranged via email. Go straight to margaretnashcoach@gmail.com

Hypnotherapy is not available online. Only in person in San Miguel.