Accountability Coaching—30-Day Challenge

Have you ever thought it might be so nice to have somebody to talk to—to help get your head straight with decision making, clarifying creative ideas, making goals, starting projects, sorting out relationships, or dealing with a problem?

Maybe you want to talk things out with someone about work, brainstorm new ideas, and be challenged by a fellow professional who can coach you, help you create your vision, find your niche, your position in the market. Someone who will help you find success and financial security.

What is the one thing, if you could change it right now that would make the most difference in your life?

Are you going to be staring down at the same goals a year from now, scratching your head and wondering where the year went? Dealing with the same problems and issues?

What are you waiting for?

It’s really hard to do it alone.

Why not try Accountability Coaching? Here’s the way it works

  • You will be encouraged to focus on a particular goal—personal or work—create a strategy for getting it, and to commit to work within a timeframe of 30 days.
  • You will get 4 online coaching session calls, either Zoom or Facebook Messenger, two 60 min calls, and two 30 min calls spread over the month.
  • Email support and backup, plus relevant links and resources to empower your changes.
  • $275 paid in advance via PayPal. No refunds. (In cases of emergency the 30 days can be extended.)

The 30-Day Challenge is suitable for all types of goals including:

  • Diet and exercise: Intermittent Fasting Diet instructions available, but any diet can be used. Specific weight goals. Changing to a new diet. Stopping smoking or drink habits.
  • Habits: both work and personal. Morning routine, getting up early, meditation, productivity goals.
  • Work: project goals, money-making goals, finding your niche or changing your mission statement. Organizing workspace and devising a work plan.

You have the option at the end of the 30 days to continue at a reduced intensity of attention—2 calls, and reduced email backup for another 10 days at reduced price $135.