Do you sometimes feel your life is a little off kilter, out of harmony, and just not sailing as smoothly as you would like it to?

Maybe you are struggling to get the balance right between making a living and doing what you love, or between social life and private time, being on the internet and being productive?

You would like more friends and love in your life, but people just really annoy you.

Or maybe too many transitions—retirement, kids leaving home, divorce, relocating—have left you overwhelmed and exhausted.

You have big dreams but feel your life is all about stuff that needs doing and brings no joy.

You’ve already bored all your friends and family to death with your problems.

And you’re darned if you’re going to go to a therapist—you’re not mentally ill—and you don’t want medication from your doctor. You don’t have the money to go on a retreat in Santa Fe just now, but hey it surely would be nice to get some practical advice and help from somewhere!

Welcome to Coaching Hacks for the Hippie at Heart!

Here to help.

Let’s see, you’re a little stubborn.

A little rebellious, maybe?

Used to doing things your way and getting life to work on your terms.

You’ve made some non-conformist, free spirited life choices —a little out of the box at times.

You’re not willing to admit things aren’t really great right now. That would prove ‘they’ were right about you all along.

I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I know I can help. Stay tuned.

What I do is offer quick and easy tips, hacks, shortcuts, from the personal development world. You know, whack-a-doodle stuff like Neuro-linguistic Programming/Life-Coaching/Neuro/Quantum/Manifesting/Law of Attraction/Reiki/Psycho-cybernetics/hypnosis/Eckhart Tolle/Wayne Dyer/Oprah/Ellen/chakras/magic/Tony Robbins/shamanism—that kind of stuff. Don’t forget Wicca and anything Celtic.

Now go ahead, roll your eyes. I’m skeptical too.

But I’ll let you in on a little Secret (oh there’s another one).

Some of this stuff actually works. And works really well.

And it’s drug free. Can do no harm. Unless it’s to your purse if you get sucked into an expensive something.

But the things that work are what I’m interested in sharing with you.

I’ve been caught up in this personal development world for nearly 20 years. Obsessed. I’ve paid thousands of dollars on courses, retreats, qualifications in a lot of stuff nobody has ever heard of, and had a ball in the process. I have qualifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Time-line Therapy, and many others with strange names and ‘holistic’ and ‘quantum’ in the titles. I have been working as a Life-Coach and hypnotherapist for nearly 18 years. I am experienced, pretty darn good at what I do, have written 3 life-coaching books, run workshops, and work with clients personally.

I love it—everything about it.

But I admit, there is a lot of nonsense going on as people move to cash in on this billion dollar industry.

So I’m here to offer shortcuts, tips, and hacks from the personal development world that REALLY work. I know they do because I’ve been the guinea pig. They have saved me from confusion, transition shock, got me though a divorce, moving to Mexico, a new partner. The whole shebang where I felt like I no longer knew how to run my life.

What I’m going to share with you in this blog, worked… when nothing else did.

So my mission is to find the gems among the whack-a-doodle that will help you transform your life, make it run more smoothly, your relationships work more harmoniously, be more successful in your career or calling, and to come into your fabulous, talented, outspoken self…..and aging like a rebel.

Interested? Please read on.

“Sometimes one genuine insight is worth all your previous experiences in life.” 

(Syd Banks)