Do you sometimes feel your life is a little off kilter, out of harmony, and just not sailing as smoothly as you would like it to?

Maybe you are struggling to get the balance right between making a living and doing what you love, or between social life and private time, being on the internet and being productive?

You would like more friends and love in your life, but people just really annoy you.

Or maybe too many transitions—retirement, kids leaving home, divorce, relocating—have left you overwhelmed and exhausted.

My blog is designed to make your path a whole lot easier. Read more! Or simply dive right with the posts below…..

How Not To Be A Mark

My Protective Father and his Life Lessons “Never look a strange man in the eye when you’re on the street,” Daddy said. “Don’t walk down lonely roads alone, even in the daytime, and always walk with your head up, shoulders back, and eyes straight ahead.” We were at the...

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Three 60’s Icons & Charles Darwin

1960’s Legends—Do You Remember? Not too long ago I saw two separate interviews on TV of two of my idols from the 1960s—Pattie Boyd and Marianne Faithfull. I was in my teens when these two English ladies ruled the world in hipness, coolness and having the most sought...

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